SMHA Programs & Grids

Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association is very proud of the work that has gone into developing its programs over the years.  The programs are really the foundation of the success that the SMHA is known for. 

Each Program is reviewed regularly to make sure that it is meeting the needs of the participants.

Click here for the 2023-24 SMHA Programs by age group and level

2023-24 SMHA City Playoffs - applicable to the following 10 SMHA leagues:
-U13A, U13B, U13C, Female U13C, U15A, U15B, U15C, U18A, U18B & U18C
-Format: Double Knock-Out unless otherwise noted for a league.
-City Playoffs for each league will typically start 2-5 days after the last regular season game.
-City Playoffs will conclude by March 28th at the latest to be done prior to the Easter Long Weekend and Easter Break week.

Click here for the 2023-24 SMHA U9 & U11 Team Registration Grids

Click here for the 2023-24 GRID FOR SMHA ZONES for HYBRID U13A & City Wide U15A

Click here for the 2023-24 Grid for Interlock MHA's U13, U15 & U18 & for SMHA Zones U18

Click here for the 2023-24 Concession Application Template

Click here for the 2023-24 Concession Application Process Information

If you have suggestions or feedback on any SMHA Programs, please advise your zone coordinator for that particular program so that he/she can bring forward the information to the central program committee that is comprised of the coordinators from all zones and led by the SMHA Chairperson for that division or program.

Thank you for your continued support of the SMHA.

Timbits U7 Program


U9 Program


U11 Program


U18 AAA Program