A reminder to all players, parents, coaches and managers:

Mouth Guards:
that all players from U9 through U18 (with the exception of goaltenders) must properly wear mouth guards for all games and practices. Mouth guards are not mandatory - but recommended.

Mouth guards are also optional in the U7 (age 5 and 6) division.

Neck Guards:
All players, including goaltendersmust properly wear BNQ Certified Neck Guards (separate piece of equipment preferred vs. built into under garment) for all games and for all practices Failure to wear a neck guard or the improper wearing of a neck guard during games may result in a minor penalty for illegal equipment.  Penalized players will not be permitted to resume participating in the game until a neck guard is worn properly.  It is the responsibility of coaches to ensure that their players are wearing a neck guard at all games and at all practices

** Coaches will face suspension for not enforcing this important safety regulation with their teams.
** It is the responsibilty of the coaches on the ice at practice to send players off the ice at practice until they come onto the ice in full equipment, including a neck guard worn properly.

Remember, a dangerous neck-area cut from a skate blade can occur as easily at practice as it can in a game.


If discipline is required because coaches and teams are not adhering to these regulations, the team's head coach will be suspended as follows:

1. First incident where a coach allows a player (s) on his / her team to practice without full equipment, including neck guards - one (1) game suspension.
2. Second incident where a coach allows a player (s) on his / her team to practice without full equipment, icnluding neck guards- five (5) game suspension
3. Third incident would result in an indefinite suspension of the head coach.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-SMHA Board of Directors