Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association
Geographic Zone System 


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Reminder: Players residing outside City of Saskatoon boundaries, but within SMHA boundaries as designated by Hockey Saskatchewan (“acreage players”), must register with the Saskatoon Aces zone - including players that reside at Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

General Zoning Information:

Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association is comprised of six geographic minor hockey zones within the City of Saskatoon:

Zone D Renegades - north west Saskatoon

Zone G Redwings - east central Saskatoon

Zone H Flyers - south east Saskatoon

Zone M Aces - south west Saskatoon

Zone W Bobcats - south central Saskatoon

Zone X Wild - north east Saskatoon

In addition, SMHA includes three City-Wide programs:

Comets Zone - Female Hockey  - the Comets zone has all-female teams formed on a city-wide basis and offers teams from U7 through U18 age groups.

Saskatoon AA Hockey - The Saskatoon City-Wide AA programs for U13, U15, U16 & U18 ages were initiated in 2005 and have been a wonderful addition to SMHA's programs.  The AA teams are drafted on a city-wide basis. Saskatoon AA hockey is operated by a Committee of the SMHA Board of Directors, chaired by the elected SMHA AA Chairperson.  The U13AA, U15 AA, U16AA and U18 AA teams compete in the Saskatchewan AA League.

U15A City-Wide - SMHA implemented a City-Wide tryout and draft for U15A minor hockey in 2022-23.  One goal of the U15A city-wide program is to draft eight relatively equal teams that provide a highly competitive environment for players that just miss U15AA or are on the cusp of making U15AA or possibly U18AA in their U18 years.  The other goal of the program is to close the gap between the programming in U15AA and U15A. the eight smha teams in the u15a city-wide league wear replica jerseys from eight sjhl teams via a partnership with the sjhl.

Notes to Zone Boundaries Maps:

East Side of South Saskatchewan River:

Wild / Redwings Zones:

  • Willowgrove Neighborhood - Families residing on Willowgrove Boulevard, Willowgrove Avenue, Willowgrove Square, Willowgrove Crescent, Willowgrove Avenue, Willowgrove Lane, Willowgrove Bay, Willowgrove Terrace and Willowgrove Court (either side of these streets) and north will be in the Wild zone.
  • Families residing south of these streets will be in the Redwings zone.
  • Families residing in the new Holmwood Development Area, north of 8th Street East, will be in the Redwings zone.

Flyers / Bobcats Zones:

  • Families residing in the Holmwood Development Area south of 8th Street East will be in the Flyers zone.

Aces / Renegades Zones:

  • Blairmore Development Area north and Dundonald Neighborhoods - Families residing on either side of Hughes Drive and east will be in the Renegades zone.
  • Families residing west of Hughes Drive will be in the Aces zone.

Acreage Players - Minor and Female Hockey:

For Corman Park RM acreage players that reside in the area around Saskatoon designated by Hockey Saskatchewan as part of the SMHA's boundaries, please see Hockey Sask  Regulation 6.03.01 (below) for the defined boundaries.

Hockey Saskatchewan Regulation 6.03.01

b) The Province of Saskatchewan shall be divided into the following geographic sub-divisions for registration purposes and categorization of teams:

1.The Province shall be one geographic subdivision for u18 AAA hockey.

2. The City of Regina.

3 ** The Greater Saskatoon Area:

R.M. of Corman Park Boundary
Rge.6 Boundary

Twp. 37 Boundary/Penner Rd.

R.M. of Corman Park Boundary (North of Highway # 5)
Freeborn Road (South of Highway #5 to Floral Road)
Highway #11 (South of Floral to Corman Park Boundary)
Note - any player residing to the east of Highway # 11, south of Floral Road resides outside SMHA Boundaries

Corman Park Boundary and the Whitecap Dakota First Nation

Important:  All players residing in the areas described above in Hockey Sask Regulation 6.03.01 - players residing outside of the City of Saskatoon boundaries but within SMHA boundaries as defined by Hockey Sask - must register with the Saskatoon Aces zone.

Female Hockey:

EFFECTVE IN 2018-19:  The acreage boundaries described above covered in Hockey Sask Regulation 6.03.01 apply to female players playing female hockey with the Comets. This comes into effect via a Hockey Sask ruling for the 2018-19 season.

** Female acreage players not registering with the Saskatoon Comets female hockey must register with the Saskatoon Aces Zone.

NOTE: All players registering with SMHA that reside outside the City of Saskatoon boundaries must provide their legal land location address along with a mailing address (RR# or Box #).  This applies to all acreage players and rural players that reside within SMHA boundaries but reside outside the City of Saskatoon in the RM of Corman Park. 

Acreage players residing outside the City of Saskatoon shall be placed in a zone determined at the discretion of the SMHA Board of Directors.  Effective with the 2019-20 season and until further notice, all acreage players residing outside the City of Saskatoon boundaries but within SMHA boundaries must register with the Saskatoon Aces zone.

For any SMHA registration questions, please contact SMHA Executive Director, Kelly Boes, by email at

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