SMHA Game Sheet Procedures

Before the Game:

It is the officials’ responsibility to check the game sheet prior to the start of each game. Failure to do so will result in the official NOT getting paid for the game. Please check for the following:

  -Has the coach or manager signed the game sheet?  This must be done by both teams.

  -Are the team captains and alternates indicated? 
  - Are the appropriate number of players marked on the game sheet and are your sure it is the same number as on the ice?
  - Are the proper # of team officials on the game sheet?  If there are four (4) team officials (coaches, trainers, etc.) on the bench, there should be the names of four team officials listed on the game sheet.

  -Has the game started late? State why on the back of the game sheet.

  -Have you PRINTED your name in the appropriate box and signed in the appropriate box also?

***Example of a Completed Game Sheet (Front)*** 

After the Game (Where Necessary)

Reporting on the back of Game Sheets

  -It is very important to take the time to report accurately and neatly. Indicate the reason for the major penalty or misconduct (eg. from Section 6 of the rule book) - not the type of penalty given (eg. from Section 4 of the rule book).

  -Report on the front and the back of the game sheet as indicated in the pictures (Front Back).

  -The SMHA Discipline Committee uses this information to decide if the player or coach should be suspended and also to determine suspension lengths.

  -Please complete the reporting at the rink and leave the game sheet in the SMHA game sheet box.  Do not take the game sheet home.  Take a photo of the game sheet for inputting an online game report. 


If you do ever take the game sheet home, please email SMHA Executive Director, Kelly Boes, at to inform him that the game sheet was not left in the pick up box and that you will have it to the SMHA by 12 noon the next day.

***Example of Completed Game Sheet (Back)***

A Game Report in addition to above will be required for:

  -Racial / sexual orientation slurs (Rule 9.2 f)

  -Game Misconducts (Rule 9.2 b)

  -Major Penalty for Checking From Behind / Checking to the Head

  -Gross Misconducts

  -Match Penalties 

  -Unusual Situations (line brawls, player(s) leaving bench, refusing to start play, serious injury, etc.)

Click here to access the SMHA on-line game report incident form

E-mail the SMHA office at by noon the next day. 

***Please consult the Reporting Procedures section of this web site for further information.***