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SMHA Mouth Guard & Neck Guard Regulations


A reminder to all players, parents, coaches amd managers:

All SMHA teams and all interlock association teams that participate in SMHA leagues must insure that their players wear neck guards and mouth guards for all practices and all games.  Neck guards are a mandatory piece of equipment for minor hockey for all players as per Hockey Canada.  SMHA mandates that all players from Novice through Midget (with the exception of goaltenders) must wear mouth guards. Mouth guards are optional in the Initiation (age 5 and 6) division.  Both pieces of equipment must be worn properly.

SMHA regulations require that neck guards and mouth guards be worn at all times in all games and practices. This is a very important insurance / liability issue that requires enforcement by all zones, age group coordinators and most importantly, the coaches.  Full equipment must be worn for all practices and for all games.

It is anticipated that all teams will adhere to this regulation.


If discipline is required because coaches and teams are not adhering to this regulation, the team's head coach will be suspended as follows:

1. First incident where a coach allows a player (s) on his / her team to practice without full equipment - one (1) game suspension.
2. Second incident where a coach allows a player (s) on his / her team to practice without full equipment - five (5) game suspension
3. Third incident would result in an indefinite suspension of the head coach.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-SMHA Board of Directors

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